Centrifuge - Centrifuge Centro-4-BL

Centrifuge Centro-4-BL


  • Electronic control with digital display of speed and time, with acceleration and brake ramp.
  • Timer controllable from 1’ to 60’ or continuous operation.
  • Rubber suspended motor that guarantees a smooth operation.
  • Digital speed display.
  • Pulse button, that drives the motor while pressed.
  • Automatic stop if out of balance, with indicator light.
  • Suction base supports that adhere to the work bench surface. Quiet operation, insulated interior that absorbs noise and vibrations.
  • In the case of mains failure, manual open override aperture.
  • Noise level 50-60dBA.
  • Rotors and buckets with laser identification.
  • Autoclavable. 
  • Centrifuge kit for separating plasma rich platelets from whole blood. 


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